Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fashion Show

This weekend Aja, Alakina and Tyler were in a bridal fashion show at Southtowne Expo Center in Sandy. This was Aja's 9th year, Ty's 3rd and Alakina's 1st! I was asked to be Alakina's "personal assistant" since Aja would be busy getting dressed for her sets. I gladly obliged!

Alakina showed up on Friday with rollers in her hair, her very own model bag and even her own "make-up" bag (which consisted of sheer pink lip gloss and clear mascara!). She was adorable! She was excited to get on the catwalk and was actually a real pro!

Of course, she was a hit! She was all smiles and waved to the crowd...on the very last show, she told me she didn't want her she made her entrance pose, she dramatically "tossed" her flowers aside and proceeded down the was too cute!

As a proud "Nana", I just have to post her tear sheets from an earlier booking she had for "Melaleuca". She had 4 pages in their national catalog...Again, she was a true professional!

I'm so proud of her! She's a natural...but more importantly, I'm proud of her mother, Aja, who keeps her grounded and keeps her a 3 1/2 year old, not allowing make-up unless absolutely necessary, and very minimal at that. She knows that as long as Ali loves doing this, she can continue...when it stops being fun...she will stop. Aja is a pro as well and is so far from "Stage Mother"...I'm very proud of her!

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