Monday, January 18, 2010

My Favorite Day!

I know that people usually hate Mondays...I guess that's because they have to go back to work after enjoying their weekends. I had a job where weekends often required work so I have never been one of those "I hate Mondays" kind of people.

It's hard to say if I really have a favorite day or not, I guess it really depends on that particular day. But, I LOVE Mondays because that is usually the day that my sweetheart and I spend together just hanging out, usually going to lunch, shopping and/or to a movie. Sometimes we just hang out at home and that's OK too!

My husband works so hard and is SO disciplined! He works from home and his productivity level is off the charts...I would be a complete failure if I had a job where I made my own hours and had no one to answer to but myself...I just couldn't do it, I guess I'm too A.D.D.

What I love about this day is that it is our day to just relax and stop from the world! I usually hit the gym early in the morning, come home and get ready at my leisure and let the day happen. That's something I wish I could do more of...not micro manage myself to death like I usually do...

So YAY! Today we get to just hang together and do whatever we want to do! I love Mondays!

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