Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One Voice

Last night were our state caucus meetings so Brad and I went to our local precinct meeting. When we got there I was surprised how few people had arrived. I guess with so many people up in arms about what is going on in our country that I expected to see a full house...not to be.

The meeting was called to order and the first thing asked for were 3 people to be the vote counters. I figured this was something I could do so I volunteered along with 2 other ladies (whom I happened to know) and I just sat back and waited for my time to come to "fulfill my duty".

The Chairman said that the first order of business was to vote for 1.) Chairman 2.) Vice-Chair and 3.) Secretary/Treasurer for our local precinct. He was nominated and elected to continue being the Chairman then nominations came around for my pleasant surprise, someone nominated Brad along with 2 other men. Brad won! Then on to Secretary/Treasurer. The first name nominated was MINE...I was shocked! The second name was the incumbent.We both took a minute to tell a little bit about who we were and then we voted. Of course, this time I did NOT count the votes with the other ladies and when they were finished they announced that I was elected!

OK, not really a big deal, it was just so funny to be nominated and then elected when I am so new to the town. The lady I "beat" was an old timer, has lived here her whole life and is very well-known. But nevertheless, I was honored and look forward to being more involved in our great little community. We elected 5 county delegates and 2 state delegates (yes, we are a REALLY small town!) Everyone was respectful and I feel good about who got elected. 

So now I am on the Swiss Days Committee as Chair of PR/Advertising, I'm on the Midway Boosters as co-chair of PR/Advertising and Swiss Christmas and now Secretary/Treasurer of Precinct 7 of Wasatch County!

I never want to use my blog as a platform for politics, but just let me say that I, personally, am very concerned about the direction this great country of ours is headed. Sometimes I feel insignificant and only ONE voice...but I am still one voice and I can be heard and so can you. You don't need to be on committees to be heard, you just need to go to meetings and if you can't attend meetings, you need to be informed and vote.

We as women are significant and we know what's going on...especially SAHM's! Many of us have children and grandchildren in public schools. We all pay taxes and we see the effects of inflation. We have concerns for our families and their futures. I believe that the women of this great country have a "beautiful" voice and it needs to be heard.

So I encourage all of you in this fabulous blogging world, to educate yourselves in the issues that concern you. Write your elected officials and let them know how you feel. My husband is very involved in the fight for freedom and was told by several U.S. Senators and Congressmen that for every 1 person who writes, they figure that they represent between 100-150 people who feel like them but don't write! That's the power of one voice.

We live in an exciting time...but also a time where there seems to be a lot of concern and even fear. I sometimes HATE to turn on the news because I don't want to hear the negative things going on around me, but I do it because burying my head in the sand will not stop the negativity...I find balance. I read good books that educate me in the proper role of government but I also read books about the things that I enjoy! I watch the news but I also watch programs that I want to watch that are in no way related to politics. I live my life and I try to live without fear. I find joy in serving in my community and for me that works.

I encourage all of you amazing women out there to keep your eyes opened. Become aware of what you want and don't want to see our government do. Speak up and be heard! You may only be one voice, but your one voice is beautiful!


Love Being a Nonny said...

Your one voice plus my one voice plus the one voice of many others reading this becomes lots of voices! Thank you for doing your part!!!

Great post!

Lynn said...

Good for you! I have always felt this way. I go to whatever meeting in the community there matter how many do or don't show up.

Because as you said, even just one voice makes a difference!

Donnetta said...

I agree, even one can make a difference. I take my right to vote seriously.

Congrats on the election!

CASSIE said...

Beautifully said!
I immediately thought of this while you were speaking:

You're so cute and so right! :)