Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Answers to Simple Prayers

I am thankful today for ANSWERS to SIMPLE PRAYERS!

My beautiful little granddaughter, Alakina lost her precious “Nini” (pronounced nee-nee) a few days ago. Nini is a pink bear that was given to her as an infant from one of her mommy’s best friends and they have been through it all together!

I have often thought about how I could teach an entire Relief Society lesson on Nini...To me she somehow encapsulates the very essence of womanhood and has endured EVERYTHING…she started out soft, pink and very cuddly. She was beautiful and flawless…much like our precious infants when we hold them in our arms for the very first time.

Nini has been the most faithful companion to Ali. This precious little girl would cry every night if Nini wasn’t right with her at bedtime. Anytime she was hurt, sad or sick, Nini was the first thing she wanted.

Nini’s endurance should be an example to us all…She has been stepped on, peed on cried on and puked on. She has endured rips and tears, lost limbs and minor “surgeries” to repair all of them. She has been dragged through the snow, mud, dirt and every possible filthy floor imaginable. She is one tough gal!

And it’s amazing to me how much this precious little 3 year old loves this disgustingly filthy, ratty, sometimes stinky, limp little bear! She has no regard for outward appearance and has looked completely beyond the obvious. She loves what Nini represents. She loves the representation of reliability, unconditional love, comfort, a listening ear and a true friend. Lessons we can all learn.

So Aja and I have been so upset about the loss of this precious little toy! Alakina has been a trooper and even though she was sad, she has dealt with this loss quite amazingly. I told Aja to take advantage of this situation and use it as a teaching moment. This was a perfect opportunity to teach Ali to turn to her Heavenly Father and offer up a tender prayer and petition His help in finding her little friend. They did just that…2 days ago. Aja felt better.

I have found that when I pray with a sincere heart, the most simple prayers are answered with the most obvious answers. It's when I have a laundry list, that's when I struggle to "hear clearly" what needs to be done. I have realized that I even get bossy with the Lord! I have had to be careful and remember to remain grateful, thanking Him for what He has so graciously blessed me with and keep my prayers humble and simple.

Yesterday I received a phone call from Alakina who sweetly said, “Guess what Nana” I said, “What Ali?” she then said, “I found Nini!!!” I was so thrilled at the joy in that sweet little voice. Pure happiness exuded from her heart, came right through the phone and my heart swelled. We finished our phone call and I promptly offered a prayer of thanks to a loving God who helped teach my adorable little granddaughter a priceless lesson about faith. Her simple yet sincere prayer was answered with love and now I pray that she will always remember this momentous occasion.



Lynn said...

Oh what a beautiful and sweet post!

I love the analogy. You write it so well.

I cried when I read that your little granddaughter's sweet prayer was answered..

nancygrayce said...

Oh, how sweet! I'm so glad she found her nini....

In response to your son is in drug court right now which is the step before prison. He stayed clean for 8 months then had a slip, but is now back on track. He has an addicts mind if you know what that means. He thinks about it all the time and he thinks that life was better when he was on drugs. It's very sad to me, but I trust the promises of God and believe (sometimes weakly) that my son will someday be completely free of this horrible life stealer.

The Sennett Family said...

Poor Nini! I never would have imagined that she would be so attached to that bear. Had I known, I would have purchased a few and we could have put them into a rotation. I learned from my mistake, and now McKinley has 3 Ah Ah's, just incase one gets lost.

I am glad things worked out so well and her little prayer was answered!! Love ya Alakina!!