Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

As I was considering this post and what to blog about for Thankful Thursday, it was a No-Brainer. In light of the awful events in Chile recently, I just have to post about my gratitude for all of the COMFORTS I enjoy on a daily basis. I have been incredibly blessed throughout my entire life, never having wanted for food, clothing or shelter. I have always enjoyed a warm beautiful home and have always had plenty to eat, wear and enjoy.

We live in a society of plenty. Yes, we are in an economic slump and many are struggling, but do we really know the pangs of starvation, the fear of well-being or worry about where we will lay our head tonight? I know that I have NEVER experienced the agony of watching my family being destroyed by an earthquake or other natural disaster. I have always had enough and then some…

"If ingratitude be numbered among the serious sins, then gratitude takes its place among the noblest of virtues." ~Thomas S. Monson
I love the quote above. (It was taken from a talk he gave called “An Attitude of Gratitude”.) Why do we want for more? Why do we think that what we have been given is not enough? Why is it so easy for us to forget what we have and just be thankful? Do we feel a sense of entitlement? I have fallen into this trap on more than one occasion and am ashamed for the ingratitude that I have at times felt.

The people of Chile and Haiti, as well as many other places in the world have seemingly lost everything. But they will persevere and life will go on. They will be humbled and they will see that they are richer than many of us who have never suffered as they are now suffering. They will become stronger and their hearts will begin to heal. They will rebuild and feel the sunshine once again. But for now they have lost ALL of their “comforts”. I lost a wedding ring once and cried for was insured and was replaced, I found the lost ring one year later...I have lost other "items" that seemed so precious to me, again, I felt terrible, devestated at times and yes, shed a few tears here and there. But I have never lost a child or a parent or a sibling or even many extended family members.

I wonder what I would feel if I lost everything. Could I become bitter against God or would I become humble and remain thankful. It’s so easy to be grateful when all is well, but when it’s all gone, how would I feel?

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