Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birthday Week Madness!

Well the big birthday party has come and gone. It was hectic, chaotic, adorable, sweet, crazy, did I say hectic and chaotic? Oh, and loud! But the kids had fun and that's what really mattered!

Aja and Brittany had a joint party for their little girls, two of my Littles, Alakina and Brooklyn, since Brooklyn's 1st birthday was on the 10th and Ali's 4th birthday is tomorrow. They had it at a friend's house who has a big backyard and we were praying for good weather. Our prayers were answered! This was a first for both of my daughters...they have each always had their children's parties at a "facility" who did all of the work and they have always paid at least $200.00 for each party. I was pleased to see them do all of the work this year and anxious to see what they came up with. They started out with grand plans! That quickly changed...

The big "event" of the party was the making of the tiara's (crowns for the little boys). It was a mess, but the kids LOVED this activity and were busy gluing, sticking and glittering whatever they could on them then proudly displayed their creations for the rest of the party by proudly wearing them the entire time...it was cute!
We started outside but the wind came up so we moved it indoors...

Britt made cupcakes. Of course, they were a hit as well! The kids played and ran, and laughed.

The girls wanted to keep it simple, and did, and although it was a lot of work, the kids had a great time. A few things that they had planned on didn't work out, but it was OK. Even old friends showed up and Brittany was especially thrilled to see her friend, Sara, whom she hadn't seen in probably 10 years!

One mother made this adorable princess quilt...(wish I had gotten a better picture...it is SO cute)
I was absoultely amazed at how good all of the kids were! And Alakina was SO excited over every gift...she even used her manners and thanked each child for their gifts.

They day was completed when a few of us all decided to go to Tommy's Bar-B-Que for dinner. It was delicious...again, very loud and crazy but well worth it and a great time. Kids were exhausted and cranky by this time, but overall they had a great day!

I realized as I watched this party unfold that these sweet innocent little children just want to be with people they love, doing the things they love. They don't care about what didn't happen, they care about and are thankful for what did happen! It was so sweet to watch each child get SO excited when they handed their gift to each birthday girl and watch with anxious anticipation as their gift was opened and then gratefully accepted. I know that a lot of work went into this party and my girls were exhausted, but their labor of love was appreciated by me and I know their daughters appreciated it even though they are young and unable to realize what all went into it. Someday, they will know, just like my daughters know...it took doing the work themselves to realize it, but now they know! Photobucket


Ginny Marie said...

I love the frog cupcakes! I might have to make some just because; it's never a bad time to eat cupcakes!

It looks like you had a beautiful day for a party, even with the wind!

Lynn said...

Oh how fun!! And yes...a lot of work. : D

Those cupcakes were adorable!

Loved the faces for the kids who wore their crowns proudly.

And oh my! That quilt! A lot of love and labor went into that. How precious!

Mary, it sounds like you and your family are surrounded by some amazing friends. What a beautiful and big yard to have the party in!

Sara said...

We had so much fun at the party! Aja did such a great job! And those cupcakes were amazing!! It was so good to see you guys. Oliver was looking at these pictures with me and says to me......"Those are my favorite girls Mom!" Haha I will have to get him together with them more often!