Friday, April 23, 2010

Pure Sweetness

Do you remember getting your first bike? I don't, but I do remember trying to ride my brother's 10 speed and of course falling and getting stabbed in the left knee...I still have a KNARLY scar...I guess nobody worried about stitches back in the 60's. I also remember going off a bike jump and skidding on the rough asphalt FACE FIRST. I did get stitches that time, 32 to be exact and still sport a lovely scar on the bottom of my chin..anyway, I had several bikes and I do remember that it was always a big deal when I got a new one.

On Ali's birthday, her mommy presented her with the sweetest, most precious bike I have seen in a long time. It is a beautiful Periwinkle color, with hints of blue and purple. It has soft-hued tassels on the handlebars and the seat is silver with polkadots and stars on it. Instead of a basket it had has a clear pouch with light purple and blue stars and dots on it as well. It was raining a bit, but that didn't dampen her spirits!
(She does wear a helmet and pads, this was just the initial trial ride!)
When I saw this sweet bike, I immediately was transported back to my childhood...a LONG TIME AGO...and was flooded with the memories of wanting a new bike so bad that I could almost die if I didn't get one...I remember the "Sting Ray" handlebars and the "Banana" seat. That was a must! We never wore helmets, arm pads or knee pads and I have a few more scars to show for that!

I also go her some Roller Blades that I found at Walmart. They are just the beginners by Fisher Price, but she LOVED them and had a blast trying them out...she actually did VERY well  and aside from a few wobbly moments, we were amazed at her ability to stay up on them!
Then Stella wanted a turn and Ali was so sweet to her, sharing and helping her because she was now a pro!

Life was so simple when I was a kid! For me it consisted of playing outside with friends, riding our bikes all over our neighborhood and this would start at sun-up and end at sundown!

I hope this sweet bike and these skates bring the same kind of fond memories for my precious Alakina as all of my bikes and skates did for me...without all of the scars, of course!



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