Monday, April 26, 2010

Mother's Intuition

On Friday, 3 of my Littles went to Salt Lake to spend the weekend with their daddy. Since Alakina had a birthday this past week, it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate with her other grandparents. So the girls were totally excited to go spend the weekend at their grandparents house with their dad.

As soon as we all said our "goodbyes", Aja came into my house and said that her anxiety had kicked in. This is her first weekend since her separation where she would have NO kids from Friday afternoon until around 6:00PM Sunday night. She was excited for the quiet, but stressed at the same time. She didn't have a great feeling...nothing against her soon-to-be ex, she was just anxious.

Since she had to work that night, Brad and I were also looking forward to a quiet evening without 3 little "tornados" running around! (they have been staying with us for the past month until her house comes available). We had plans to have dinner at our neighbors house.

As we were literally walking out the door, my cell rang and it was Aja. I answered and she was in an absolute panic! Little Stella (her 2 1/2 year old) had somehow pulled a T.V. down while reaching for something that was on top of it and it had shattered, pinning her legs underneath the rubble...when she got the call, Stella AND Ali were screaming in the background and she was told to meet her ex and his mother at Primary Children's Hospital down in SLC. We had a wonderful time at our neighbors, but I was anxious the entire time...

We are so blessed! The doctor said that since it was an old T.V., if the glass had shattered (everything shattered BUT the glass screen) she could easily have been severely cut, incurred internal injuries or even worse...been killed. But instead, she ended up with 2 broken legs.

Her left leg is the most severe. She encountered a "buckle" break of the tibia and it will be cast on Wednesday..currently it is in a splint and wrapped. Her right leg is just a "hair-line" fracture. If she was older, she'd have to have that one cast as well but since her little bones are so soft, the doctors are hopeful that it will heal quickly and since she can't walk, they don't feel the need to splint or cast it.

I have often marveled at "Mother's Intuition". I know that it is real! I know that the heart's electromagnetic field is 5000 times more powerful than the brain's and that we, as mothers, learn pretty quickly to listen to our heart! This sweet little one will be fine and she will heal quickly. In no way was her daddy to blame...this could have happened anywhere. Aja learned a valuable lesson in listening to her "gut"...not that she would have kept her from going with her dad, but maybe she would have reminded him that Stella is a climber or even just share her concerns.

Friday night, after the hospital stint, Aja brought Stella to our house, leaving her 2 other kidlets in Salt Lake with their daddy and grandparents. Brad and I took her for a walk on Saturday was beautiful out and Stella was thrilled to see the new colt by our house.

I am so thankful that this was a relatively minor accident. It could have been worse. Angels were protecting her and for that I am eternally thankful. She was sweet and well behaved, loving and, as always, precious.


Lee said...

You tell Aja that I'm crying on her behalf. I can't bear the idea of little ones being hurt. My prayers will include sweet little Stella. Love you all.

Love Being a Nonny said...

Praise the Lord she is okay. Bless her heart...what a little trooper!! I pray she heals quickly!

And a mother's intuition...right EVERY TIME!

linda said...

Oh that poor little thing! I'll be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.

A mother's intuition is real and felt by all of us mothers. What a sinking feeling your daughter must have felt inside. A mother always knows!

Lynn said...

Oh MAry! My heart and thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter and granddaughter! How scary. How beautiful you wrote about angels being with her. You are so right.

And look at her smile.....what a little sweetheart. It's good to see her smiling. She is so loved and cared for.

reayx5 said...

I'm sure glad she's alright! That could have been much worse. Certainly a wake-up call to everyone to check for things that little ones could pull down.