Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Seasons

Today I am thankful for SEASONS.

I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world (in my humble opinion) and we experience four distinct seasons. I love the changes and generally welcome each one as it arrives. There’s only one problem…Spring has decided to procrastinate her arrival! Just when the mounds of snow had finally melted and the mud was starting to dry, I awoke to a mild but definite snow storm! Yes, we received about an inch of the white stuff.

Most of it has melted and I don’t think there were any real problems around the state related to this latest Spring storm, but it was annoying and more importantly, disheartening! I have visions of colorful flowers, pink and white blossoms on bare trees and blades of green grass reaching up to the blue sky for its moments in the sun. Not more snow…Enough already!

I used to think that “Seasonal Affective Disorder” also known as S.A.D. was kind of a phony disorder. I awoke with a heavy heart and a gloomy outlook on the day…I am SO ready for warm weather and it dawned on me that I was suffering from a bout of S.A.D.

Whenever I’m down, I become this manic power cleaner, organizer. For some reason it makes me feel so much better to work out my aggressions and frustrations through toilet scrubbing and laundry folding. So after my mania and becoming high on PineSol fumes, I really took time to reflect on my blessings and to take a few moments for myself. I took about an hour long nap (haven’t done that in a long time) and I just spent some time in quiet solitude pondering the beauties of this world and my life.

I thought about how moving to Midway, UT was a conscience decision and that along with the solitude of this great valley comes the erratic weather that often frustrates me. As I took this time for myself, I began to lighten up! My mood shifted from gloomy to calm and then from calm to joyous.

In life, we have many "seasons". As I look back on mine, I can identify so many that seem to have come and go like the wind. My college years were so much fun, full of adventure, idealism, and definately full of change! Then there was the young married season without children yet...not such a great time in my case,  but still a growing, learning time. Then the season of young babies and children...such a sweet time of innocence, exploration, exhaustion and unpredictability! I've also encountered seasons of change that were difficult and painful...the season of divorce, and new-found independance. Times of major challenge and trials. And seasons of healing and extreme reward and joy!

Through all of these "seasons", I have shed the old and "sprouted" new. I have changed, morphed, developed and ultimately turned into the woman I am today. It makes me wonder who I will be in a few more seasons!

So I learned a valuable lesson today: Seasons come and seasons go. Life is full of change and just when you think things are constant, something changes and throws a curve ball at you. But, it’s OK…we all survive and we become more appreciative of the good things in life. Spring will arrive and when it does, I will appreciate each and every little bud on the trees and the perfect little blooms in my garden. I will feel the sunshine on my face a little more intensely and try to enjoy each moment, not rushing into the next.

"All things must pass, all things must pass away" ~George Harrison

Welcome Spring, I know you’ll get here one day!

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