Monday, April 5, 2010

Precious Little Find!

While I was visiting my sister in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago, I stayed in her guest room and on the dresser was this adorable set of books. I just had to have some too so I checked on ebay and got them for $6.50 + shipping for a grand total of $10.50! My sister got hers at her local Goodwill for $4.00 + tax!

I always loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder series but never read them all. Now I have all 9 and I can't wait to get started again! Their spines are a bit faded, but the front of each book is beautiful. Aren't they great? I feel like a kid again...

The book titles are:
  • Little House on the Prairie
  • The First Four years
  • Little Town on the Prairie
  • Farmer Boy
  • The Long Winter
  • These Happy Golden Years
  • On the Banks of Plum Creek
  • Little House in the Big Woods
  • By the Shore of Silver Lake

Aren't they precious?Photobucket


Love Being a Nonny said...

I love these books! I think we had them all at one time or another. May still be in my attic. I need to go look. Happy Monday!

Lynn said...

My girls love these books! They too have the set in blue. There is nothing like a great set of classics to read and take you back in time.

Connie said...

If you haven't read the Boxcar Children books, you need to try them. The first is my very favorite. I had a teacher read it to us when I was in the 4th grade and I have never forgotten it. I always wanted to live in a boxcar just like those kids did!

Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas said...

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Julie said...

I used to have a set just like that. I had forgotten about it, but now I wonder what happened to it. Maybe it's still packed away in a box somewhere.

Jen said...

Wow! I had this very same set of books when I was growing up. Where are they now?'ll have to ask my Mom. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Jen said...

How fun! I had this same set of books when I was growing up. Where are they now, I wonder. I'll have to ask my Mom. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.