Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tote Bag Tutorial

The other day I made 4 of these bags for my Littles. I had no pattern so they are all a bit different in size, but no worries...the kids LOVE them!

I cut the main body of the fabric 12" X 24". I then folded it in half and sewed up just one side. Then I cut a piece of fabric for the top border. It was about 3" X 24". I folded it in half (wrong sides together) and sewed it around the top. Next I cut a piece for a pocket about 6" X 6". I hemmed it then sewed it on about 3 inches from the bottom of the top border.

Confused yet?? I then sewed up the other side of the body, turned it right side out and pressed it. We're almost done...

Finally I made the handle. This is very subjective. About 24" X 3" is good. Fold it in half length wise and sew it up, leaving the ends open. You now need to turn it right side out...this may take a few minutes, but when it's done it looks great. Press it then fold in the ends (again, I ironed them) and sew them on the outside of the bag. I sewed a square around the bottom of the handle and then sewed an X to make sure it was secure.

There you have it! Easy-peasy and they are done in less than an hour! I used my "Cricut" to cut their initial and then used iron-on transfer paper. Voila! Personalized bags that they love for their "important" things!

I even made one for my grandson, Anthony, but didn't get a picture taken of his :( I used "Cars" fabric with a bright green for the pocket, trim and handle...Surprisingy, he was thrilled! And the best part about this was that they cost me about $3.00 each!


Lynn said...

I really don't know how to sew at all, but I think I could give this a shot. Straight lines, right?! ; D

These are So cute!

Love Being a Nonny said...

FUN for them to take things back and forth to your house or to church or school. Sewn with love on top of that!!! It is obvious how much you love them! They are blessed...and you are too!

Ginny Marie said...

Those are just adorable! I bet your Littles just love them.

I'd really like to get a sewing machine...just one more thing to add to my "want" list!

The Sennett Family said...

Mare- Those are adorable. McKinley freaked out when she saw Stella's Tink "purse". Mac is obsessed with purses right now. Your littles are so lucky to have you, Mac would give anything to have a creative and loving Grandma like you. Instead, Cory's parents ignore her and act put out when they "have" to watch her 2 times a year. I guess I better try to make her one of those bags, she keeps asking for a new purse.Wish me luck, I will certainly need it. Love ya!!